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Is one enough ?
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just wondering .. again ... (slow evening)

what would most choose?

1st system: a reliable ABS, maint free for 10 yrs, 100k miles.

2nd system: an ABS needing maint every two years (regardless of mileage), let's say costing $100 each time, but able to stop in 90% of the distance of the 1st system in a straight dry road, and in lets say in 80% of the distance in bad weather, rough road conditions, or manuvering around obstacles?

1. neither ABS fails if properly maintaned at the given intervals ...
2. both systems cost the same


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I'm assuming that the basis of the comparison is the Bosch ABS used in the Phase I and II Allantea as opposed to the system used in the '93 model.

I was under the impression that the Bosch reliability was comparable to the the '93 ABS IF you flush and change the brake fluid each year. The fluid change doesn't cost anywhere near a grand. The replacement parts, if you don't take care of it, cost that much or more depending on the source of the parts.

As a side note, the local Cadillac dealer recommends brake flushing on all late model Cadillac sedan models (don't know about the Escalades).

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