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About to buy a 1994 Seville 4.6L in East Europe

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Hi Everyone,

i am about to buy a 1994 Seville, 4.6L. In our country (Hungary, Europe) Cadillacs are not very frequently seen in the streets. To be a bit more specific, if you are lucky you can see two in a month.

Please tell me what I shoud check in this car before buying it.

For locally well known models like Audis, BMWs, Opels, etcetc I am somewhat vetaran car buyer, but considering that Cadillacs are very rare in this region I need your advices. I tried google but could not find helpful tips.

So please tell me where should I look, what should I try... Thanks a lot!

PS: please use academic language, do not use abbreviations. I don't understand Internet chat language, I was learning English in school.
I am not new to cars: I cleaned the EGR valve of my 2001 Astra, replaced it's power steering pump, replaced cooler, passanger footwell radiator, brake discs and pads, etcetc.
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On Cadillac best is to apply your Opel experience. Not the Astra/Kadett, Corsa and such, I am thinking more like Senator/Omega(Lotus 3.6l – what a car!), Monza (all except the engine, there’s nothing like the NorthStar that can be referenced in Hungary). Saab is another good experience.
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