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About to buy a 1994 Seville 4.6L in East Europe

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Hi Everyone,

i am about to buy a 1994 Seville, 4.6L. In our country (Hungary, Europe) Cadillacs are not very frequently seen in the streets. To be a bit more specific, if you are lucky you can see two in a month.

Please tell me what I shoud check in this car before buying it.

For locally well known models like Audis, BMWs, Opels, etcetc I am somewhat vetaran car buyer, but considering that Cadillacs are very rare in this region I need your advices. I tried google but could not find helpful tips.

So please tell me where should I look, what should I try... Thanks a lot!

PS: please use academic language, do not use abbreviations. I don't understand Internet chat language, I was learning English in school.
I am not new to cars: I cleaned the EGR valve of my 2001 Astra, replaced it's power steering pump, replaced cooler, passanger footwell radiator, brake discs and pads, etcetc.
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Pull the DTC'S (Diagnostic Trouble Codes). See the sticky at the top of the page.

Run it hard (uphill if you can) and be sure it does not overheat. Might want to get a test kit and test the coolant for exhaust gases.
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