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Well I bought a 84 eldorado, as a winter beater, but its a blast to drive. I think I will actually take care of it, and make it a nice car. So my problems are listed below, please help.

1. Today while vacuuming it out,I moves pass. seat all the way forward, and now it willnot move back, I can hear a motor sinning, and see a nylon part spinning under the seat when I look there. Any ideas??

2. Driver seat will not move either, then I play with the switched, all I hear is clicking noises.

3. My car has absolutly no accelaration. After driving a mid 12 second eagle talon, It feels like I can walk faster. What can I do to get fast faster

4. error codes, 24, 30,52. Cant seem to find what they mean,

5. Front wheel arches are rusted out. This is common it seems, as there a worthwhile fix, or should I replace the fender

6. Speedo/odomoter do not work, they light up but read zero. I assume its just a sensor problem. any ideas on where to look, and what to do when I'm there

Thanks in advance. Its a rad car, and as said a blast to drive.

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