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A Sixty Special story for Sandy

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Hey Sandy and all Sixty Special fans -

Seeing that Sixty for sale in IL reminded me...

My best friend's father in law worked 35 years in security at the Cadillac plant in Hamtramck. He used to tell the story of the Cadillac saleman showing a Sixty Special to a perspective buyer, who happened to be a rich old bachelor. As the salesman opened the elongated rear door to display that vast back seat, he pointed out the dual built in foot rests.

The old man grinned and said, "One for each of her feet."

To which the salesman replied, "See? Those Cadillac designers really do think of everything."
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Ain't it though? Now I REALLY want to buy that Sixty in Illinois.
Very funny, but 'ya, you had to think for a moment & visulize that !
I am not 100% sure on this, but I think i'm correct. The 1993 Sixty Special (I beleive) is the only Sixty that did NOT have rear seat footrests, at least between 1960 & 1992. I wish that the Cadillacs of today would evoke the same feelings within me as the 1955 thru 1976 did, when they came out.
When other 16-17-18 year olds were bouncing off all 4 walls over Road Runners, Hemis, Boss 302, GTO, 4.4.2. Gran Sports, Corvettes, Super Sporrts, AMX, and the like, I was checking out the Lincoln Continentials, Fleetwood Sixty Specials and Imperial LeBarons. At 20 my dream car was a 1967 (first year) Eldorado FWD Sport Coupe, but, of course, I would tell nobody MY age, that.
You weren't alone Sandy.

I learned to drive on my dad's '67 Buick Wildcat, which spoiled me forever with it's silky smooth 430-4V and butter soft ride. Oh, I caved to peer pressure and drove the jacked-up, wide-tired, cammed and Holly double pumper infused '66 Lemans, '67 Chevelle SS396 etc. , but I always wanted a luxo-liner.

Some things about getting older are better.
At 20 my dream car was a 1967 (first year) Eldorado FWD Sport Coupe, but, of course, I would tell nobody MY age, that.
At 27, look what I am driving:thumbsup:
If I am not mistaken, the rear seat foot rests disappeared after the 88 model year of sixty specials when it was no longer on an extended platform as in 87 & 88. My 91 does not have them. If I am incorrect and I am supppose to have them, let me know...I need to find some!!!
You Are Correct And I Was Wrong !
1988 Was The Final Year For Rear Seat Footrests, And Only On The Sixty Special, I Believe.
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