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Wassup guys,
So most of ya'll might remember me coming on here frequently asking questions and giving advice when I could. I Did a whole restoration project on my first car, a Cadillac Eldorado.Bought as a piece of junk, took care of the mechanical
problemos thanks to you fellas and your knowledge, then I started doing my thing, restoration, re dying seats, changing colors in the interior, painting scratches on the car, plasti dipping all the chrome on the car, all very meticulously, every
weekend for 6 months.
Finally After all that work, blood, sweat n tears! February Friday the 13th, 2015, 0400, Infiniti q50 hits my parked car, wrecks the whole driver side, pushed my car up the curb 15 feet into a billboard. But wait it gets better, the person driving
leaves the scene of that accident, continues down the road, crashes into a big old wooden utility pole, to the point where the car is not driveable, and then gets out the car and leaves the scene once again! By the time the police notified me
at 0500 my car was towed with out me seeing it initially, and the Infiniti was just abandoned in the street a qaurter mile from where my Eldo was parked.
So now its been a long while, the persons insurance has an "investigation" thats been going on for months now, have not been paid a penny, and the driver has claimed no liability and blames it on a 3rd driver who hit them into me blah blah blah.
That means there insurance isn't covering the storage fees for my eldo rotting in this body shop/ tow company, the owner has been really nice not charging us, yet! but i surrendered the plates and im sure hes getting impatient himself because
its costing him space and money.
I was looking around for local shops, and junk yards to take it there only offering $200 or less not including the towing charge thats outta my pocket, I cant believe it. After investing 6 months of time and money, a stroke of bad luck just took it all
away and made it worthless. I figure if any of you want it you can have it, you guys could do more with it and if you would like to give a generous donation for it, I'd really appreciate it, I'd like to get some money for it and I really don't wanna
pay to have it towed, already short on cash as it is had to get another car since this settlement is taking so long and only over 3.6G's(what allstate estimates the cars value)
I gotta give this shops owner something, hes been really good to me and the whole situation, with advice and not charging me for storage until allstate pays out (If they do). And if any of you have any connections and can pull some strings
that can get me $500,000 over this, ill buy you a brand new Cadillac, or Porsche!
Here are some pics of the damage in the links, if any of you live near staten island, NYC, your more than welcome to stop by and check the car out if ya want it, if i had the space and time id strip it and sell it piece by piece but that would take me
years of time and space i don't have the keep the parts. But you can definitely make some good money off of it, you could sell the wheels for $500 or more, it has the oem mufflers, the engines weight in aluminum is already worth plenty, and other
parts that arent made anymore usually worth a pretty penny, I know i bought a bunch of them $50 for the ashtray, 100$ for the chrome just for the front bumper, 100$ for a the replacement head unit ontop of the 90$ to unlock it.
All in all, Im sure there are a lot of 19 year olds trying to be pimp with caddy making it fresh as possible, just like I did, but respectfully, meticulously and with good taste.

1979 ELDORADO, also had a 1969 Eldorado
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Very sorry to hear about your misfortune. Hope your Insurance will sort things out so you can get back on track again.

Chris.....From OZ.
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