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A proper day in London....

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Leave the hotel at 9am...quick stop at McDonalds for a black coffee and then down to the underground (subway).

First stop is Harrods. Looked at $50k watches, $20k purses, $5k beluga caviar and decide that $30 worth of high end chocolate is more within the budget.

Quick trip up town to Hyde Park and a resasonable walk to the McLaren dealership. Sadly we're there on inventory change day and if we'll wait a P1 is on the way. Can't wait and unfortunately absolutely no test drives. Wankers!

Lastly, 2 trains, a bus ride and 1 hour later we find the Meantime Brewery the first and most successful micro brewery in London proper. We embark on a 9 beer odyssey but settle on the honey wheat and lager for the night. Washed down our fish n' chips for a proper English meal!

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That's a great day in London! If you have time, stop in at the Hard Rock Cafe for a burger and beer. I was surprised how small it is. The gift shop is bigger than the pub!

Oh, and do us all a big favor. Stop by the BBC and shake some sense into the people in charge of Top Gear.
We want Jeremy Clarkson back!!
Unfortunately when you punch your producer and call him the "N word" there's not a lot I can do to help you.

This was our 3rd night in BTW, here for business. Had a great dinner in Piccadily Circus last night but today was by far my favorite. Forgot to mention my American style Reuben from Sufridges today for lunch. Best $16 reuben ever.
It's not Friday. Therefore, you did not have a proper English dinner.
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