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A new V "must-have" item on eBay.

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Order yours here! Wow, they could have at least placed it on a V wheel and not a Benz.

I really placed this here because someone was looking for a caliper decal. Perhaps this company could make a larger version of the emblem.

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I happened to be on ebay and chuckled to myself when i saw these decals... i give you props for taking a close enough look to notice the fact they were on a just made me laugh a little more.
Oh snap, when are they going to come out with the "V" temporary tatoos for summer? :)
What a joke! Not the idea so much, but the V logo on an AMG wheel??? Hmm. Any clue what they were charging for these? I however, can make these, caliper, or any other decals you need by the way. PM me with questions.

-Erik Valdez
Circo Meta Forma
"REMOTE STARTER", sorry to jack your thread but can you give up some details? PM me if you wish.
post up here re: the remote started... i'm interested as well....
Here's an old thread that covers the particulars of my remote start. LINK

This device only works if you leave your vehicle in neutral and use your ebrake. Which I always did even before owning a V. I hate when I go somewhere and someone else (mechanic, parking attendant) leaves it in gear. Now I am conditioned to check it but I've had a few scares in the past.

Steps to activate:

Stop the vehicle, place into neutral.
With brake still pressed, apply ebrake.
Remove foot from brake pedal.

The car is now set to remote start. While the car is still running, I close the doors and the alarm sets, car shuts off.

When I return to the car, I hit the remote start button and it starts. I then unlock the door, key in ignition and turn, release ebrake, clutch, 1st gear and nail it -- leaving chunks of my diff behind as I zoom away. :bouncy:

Note: If you don't do the above steps correctly, the remote start session will not be available on the next start. If you accidently tap the brake pedal again after following the steps above, the car shuts off and the session will not be available on the next start.

This is not some hack setup that some installers piece together to make work. This system was designed from the ground up for manual transmission vehicles. I believe the only other system available was a Clifford. I went to many shops before I found this setup. All of the shops would install a patched system that had a motion detector of some sort that would sense vehicle movement on remote start and kill the ignition when the car moved. Then they told me that if I had it installed, they could not warranty it or give me a receipt for the purchase because it was "technically" illegal.

With this alarm, I have a warranty and a store receipt. :highfive:
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my engine seems to shutoff more gently if i leave it in gear......and it seems to turn on "softer" and less shaky..... as opposed to when i leave it in nuetral...
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