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A Man with A Thousand Caddies

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I met a guy named john that lives in New Jersey. This man has 1000 thousand caddies sitting on his property. He does sell parts off of at least half of them ranging in years between 1960 to 1980. He is a very unique gentlemen aka junkyard owner. I say this because he doesnt crush not one caddy even if its down the bare body of the car. He says he got this from a friend many years ago. Mind you he is about 70 years old so he isnt that good with numbers except for prices. He is sponsored by some antique car club from down south. I explained that I know of many people that would be looking for various parts from the cars like Opera lights, Caddy trues, Motors and other interior parts. He has no problem with selling the parts except he doesnt like phone calls since he doesnt have a house phone but only a old crappy looking cell phone. I told him that I would be coming back to his house with my camera to take some pictures to prove to you guys that he has all that he says he has. Most of the pictures will be wide shots since I am not gonna take 1000 pictures. He holds various other classic American Made cars like Caprices, Buicks but not many other then he says special edition ones.

I hope with this new found source that most of will be able to get all the parts that we have been looking for. If you want a part I will most likely be the one removing the part and will test it since my rep is on the line. I will take pictures of it before you buy if weather permits. I will try to make atleast 2 trips a month since I need atlot of parts myself and want to get them before the winter snow hits the ground. I work Monday thru Friday some Saturadays depending if I cant finish up on friday. In case you dont know I am a tow truck driver for Citibank and various Charities of NJ.

Also if you know anyone with a 95 deville looking for caddies true spokes I will be posting a pic of a 1995 caddy Monday that I just got out a auction. I am gonna part the car out for money. The bolt patttern is
5x115. Very clean but salvage title and hit in the front. My business is legal and very legit. I am still new so I only have about 15 cars so far for parts.

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Hey, I see you're in Trenton. I work in Trenton. Maybe we've crossed paths? I don't drive my car to work much anymore. Don't like bringing it to Trenton. So where's the guy with 1000 Cadillacs?
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