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A Little "smoke" From The Back Of A 1993 N* Sts

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Do You Guys Have Any Time Looking At A 1993 Sts N*
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The body of your message has nothing to do with the topic.

What color smoke? When?

blue usually means burning oil, white is coolant, black is too rich... or burning off carbon... in the case of a Northstar that has been babied then run hard, you'll see a puff of black smoke, thats the carbon burning off... that is good for it.
Smoke indications are the same in any gas engine. What's the real question? :confused:
Set the drugs aside for a while and try typing us a message later when you are in possession of your faculties.
ok maybe you can try again

1. caps lock OFF....stop shouting.
2. please be more clear. thanks.

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1 - 5 of 5 Posts
Not open for further replies.