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A few things...

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So I guess I have been completely caught up in my self / life to post lately. Over the past two days I have been working on my car, somewhat... Tuesday I polished my exhaust tips with Mothers Aluminum polish and Wednesday I changed my air filter, added a bit of oil, filled my washer tank and added a ground wire to my headlights. Lately, at night, my car had been bothering me because when the headlights were on and I would use my turn signal, my headlamp would dim when the blinker blinked. I spliced a ground in and found (from testing both with the wire and with out) that my headlights got a bit brighter and nothing dimmed when I turned my signals on.

While I was working on my headlight, I found that the previous owner had broken the back clip / screw hole on the rear of the headlamp assembly -- you could see the old epoxy he used in attempt to fix it... I will try to ignore that...

Now, my reason for my post: I have an Olds Intrigue and have been driving it when I was working on my car and started thinking about the differences between the cars and found that the Intrigue faded its dome lights when they would go off -- theatre dimming. Did any of the Sevilles have that option and if so could I get it by changing a module? Also, when I pull the key out in the Olds the dome lights come on -- Can the seville do that also?

So other than that, I also tested a 97 Catera I saw on the road today -- it was dirty, dented and priced a bit high for my taste -- But it had the CD Changer So, next question : Is there an aftermarket changer that will work with the Bose system?

Oh and one more thing -- Is there a Specific page for Cadillac Owners in KCMO?
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