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a FEW pics of my new cts

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Heres some pics of the new car still stock, for now haha

And me driving rocking my AC DC sunglasses, from some hick gas station up north haha
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How the hell did you get a AWKP plate?!? They're now giving out BBDK plates, unless you already owned this plate and just transferred it...
lol yea transfered plates
Nice and clean! Congrats on ur new car. Hope you enjoy it like the rest of us :D
time to spend some cash my friend
Congrats! First mod = rear bezel. :highfive:
Welcome, sir.

Yes, rear bezel. =)
warrenty doest cover it so i dobt ill be getting a bezal:p
warrenty doest cover it so i dobt ill be getting a bezal:p
Yeah it does, i had mine changed under wararnty.
warrenty doest cover it so i dobt ill be getting a bezal:p
It is covered by the warranty. Did you buy it from a Cadillac dealer? They may help you out. They no longer make the old bezel so the only replacement is the new style. The new bezel make a world of difference.
Nice car!
Looks exactly like mine when I first saw it on the lot.
Now, all you need is.......

A painted rear Bezel.
Chrome tail pipes.
07 Sports grille
07 spoiler
Chrome wheels
A few Cadillac badges.
Rocker panel decals.
Caddy floor mats

And you're all set!
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warrenty doest cover it so i dobt ill be getting a bezal:p
Tell the dealer the bezel fills with water when it rains/washed... New color bezel.
i bought the car used im under a diffrent warrenty the GMPP warrenty i belive anyways ive gone to 3 dif dealerships they all say no its not covered
Well... they aren't that expensive anyway are they? K&N CAI, Borla exhaust, 07 sport appearance package (grille, skirts, wheels, spoiler), cross drilled/slotted rotors, NAV, tints, Caddy symbols, CTS door sills, HID's... am I missing anything?
Oh, and you can be cool like Brent and put nitrous in it. Bottle feed that bitch!
bottles are for babies :p
i bet this baby would smoke your ass :tisk:

SILVER!!! yes. Please do the grill, any other grill...use chicken wire if you have to. Jesus H. Christ why did GM use that grill? The CTS has such great lines...but the grill. UGH!
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