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A couple(few) questions

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Hi all,
it's been awhile, but I've been saving some questions for anyone who has had same issues, etc.
#1: When shifting from park to reverse, I get a click
(i've read about this in past, some said it was normal break release (or something) and another said it was trouble, like tranny issue?

#2: Today I noticed a mean 'grinding' noise, here and there, but it's got me worried.......(from engine compartment)

#3: Where are my speakers located (just curious), I've got the Bose, and can see the two in the doors, but how many total speakers do I have, and where are the rest?

#4: My voltage issues (was reading high for awhile) just seems to have gone away (good), but what does that mean?

I know I'm forgetting one, but this will help.
kdw :)
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you have 4 speakers, and the other 2 are located behidn your back seat, under the rear shelf. thats all i got for ya because i just put new speakers in mine haha
For question 1 and possibly 2.. In my 00' STS I currently have a front driver side upper strut bearing bad (why the strut needs a bearing there is beyond me). I get a click when I shift from park (every time).. clicking when the car shifts gears and kind of grinding and clicking sounds when turing the wheel every which way. Usually if it clicks turning left... it wont do it untill turned right. So pretty much anytime there's torque or stress on the struts. So you may want to check into that. The best time to hear mine click when it shifts gears is on a road where your surrounded by buildings. Very annoying too I might add. Would be fixed but dealer wants $682 to fix.. whew... ill have to save up for this one.

Thanks to those brave men who responded.
Well, only 4 speakers??? That suprises me, but ok, thank you too.

I know too about saving up for girl is 'paid for', but I have a nest egg for repairs and maintenence. And now, it's nearly 0 (only 200.00, and that wouldn't pay for $hit).Maybe 2 tanks of gas..$$$$

Well, I guess the part that worries me most is the 'grinding/rattleing' noise cherry's now making? (here and there, not constantly, like when idle/braking at red light, or just idle, in park)(she's at 107,5?? miles now)...So....I'm looking forward to long life?
Could something just be loose in engine compartment? I stuck my head in there friday after work, sounds like coming from inside/rear of engine(compartment) Excuse please my lack of appropriate vocabulary. Should I wait till something shows up on messages, or just bite the pricey bullet and take her in? (can't afford to do)
kdw :)
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MacKiNBacK said:
For question 1 and possibly 2.. In my 00' STS I currently have a front driver side upper strut bearing bad (why the strut needs a bearing there is beyond me).
The strut supports most of the weight of the front of the vehicle. It turns with the steering, so where it meets the chassis it needs a bearing to help it turn more easily. These bearings frequently go bad because of the amount of weight and movement they need to control.
With the engine off, put a 1/2" breaker bar on the idle pulley to relax the tension on the serpentine belt. With the other hand, spin the idler pulley and alternator, listening for noises. That might tell you something. Also try relaxing the tension on the pulley with the engine running and making the sound. If it goes away you at least have an idea where to start looking.
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