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A couple boring races

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Ok, I wouldn't exactly call it racing but I had a SRT 4 and last generation's Mustang GT tried to keep up with my V after a stop light. You could hear the SRT 4s wastegate doing its job as I was braking to make my turn 1/8 mile later. I had him by around 1-2 car lengths after a rolling start.

The Mustang was driven by a lady in her early 30s or so. She wouldn't let me over into her lane (my lane was turning right) until she ran out of power to keep up with the V.

I think both drivers knew nothing about the V's potential because it almost seemed like I was toying with them. Maybe they thought it was a V-6. Well they might be doubting that now.
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Good job. I had the same happen to me with a G35 sedan. The guy would not let me over in his lane..once I got we got an opening I blew past him, let him catch up, then blew past him again. I still can't believe the power this car has. I'm falling in love with 3rd gear on the highway...ahhh
brtnharv said:
...I'm falling in love with 3rd gear on the highway...ahhh
3rd from 55 -90 is nice.

I'll run with just about anything from 65-135ish.

Lost by 1/2 car length to an SL55.
Lost by 2 lengths to a viper.

Not a bad showing for a pig 4000lb sedan.

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