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A/C Will not come on

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I have a 1992 Seville 4.9 litre. When I turn on the Auto A/C controls the message board reads very low refrigerant compressor turned off. I have checked the low side of A/C and the gauge reads that it is full to the correct level to operate the compressor. A/c always worked fine. I had changed the clutch and everything was fine.A/C system was never opened. I drove the car to AZ and during the trip I had the same message as above. I turned off the a/c and let the car sit. I had gone back out to check the a/c again and it worked fine. It seems after an extended period of time the A/C will then display the low refrigerant message and turn off the compressor. Now the A/c will not turn on at all anymore. there are no leaks to found as it is full of freon. This vehicle has been converted to r134 by a professionel shop.All other functions of climate control work fine. Any help or suggestions greatly apprerciated. :bonkers:
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Depending on the ambient temperature, the system may short cycle based on the low pressure cutoff switch with a low charge. Usually only in cooler ambient temperatures--the low charge results in the compressor pulling the low side down to the trip point very quickly, then back on, then off, etc. On a hot day, it would likely run continuously and you'd get no cold air.

But regardless... I agree, the low side gauge refill kits are asking for trouble. You have no idea what the system is really doing, or how much refrigerant it really needs.
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