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A/C not working , random cable?

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03 escalade ac not working. While inspecting I noticed a random cable unplugged and i can't seem to find where it goes. Would this affect the a/c?
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Post them on photobucket then copy the links

Much easier

When I see a pic of what your referring to I might be able to help out
That is for the extra battery setup which is part of the police package(you can get the add on at a Chevy dealer if you wanted to add a second battery)

Gm pre wired these trucks for stuff they didn't get for civilian duty that way if they was used for fleet use(eg police duty) the harnesses would already be in place and ready for the up fitters to use when they added on the extras needed for fleet usage
godsdiablo said:
do you hear the compressor kick on when you use the air conditioning? TCM - do you know what that plugs into? and part #or where i can find mine i would like to install another battery

You can hear the ac compressor kick for sure(I know I can hear mine when it's engaged on my truck)

Not sure on the part number for the second battery package add on

I am sure it's part of the second battery package add-on(can verify with my local dealer next time I go to be 100% sure)
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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