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A/C Low Refrigerant - '92 Seville

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I've had this 'low refrifgerant', 'service A/C soon' message literally for years now. It use to happen only when it was cold outside, but now it happens even when it's hot out. The A/C blows cold air, though. Any suggestions on converting to R134, find some R12 service place somewhere, or just do nothing and ride it out? Thanks.
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Refilling it with R12 would cost a little less than convering it to R134a refrigerant. If you think your car is near the end of its rope then I would just go ahead and refill it with the R12, but if you plan on getting a lot more life out of your car I would convert it to R134a because it will save you money in the future (if ever it becomes low again). I don't know what all you need to change when you convert it because I have never done a conversion before. I would imagine that you would have to change the compressor, accumulator, and orafice tube, but I'm not sure on anything else.
Before you do anything else, clean all the connections going to the sensors on the AC lines under the hood. I once had the same problem and the cleaning fixed it up. Eventually the compressor went but that was unrelated.
I'd just have the pressures checked and have them add what ever R12 is needed. A proper conversion requires flushing all the components, replacing the accumulator, all "O" rings and service ports.
If you plan on converting yourself, you won't be able to get R-12 unless you have a license for it. Before converting to R-134, search the forums for "converting to R-134" or something of that nature. There have been many here that weren't quite satisfied with the cooling ability after converting with the kits you pick up at the parts store.

You will also need a vacuum pump to evacuate the system and a good set of a/c gauges.
I also discovered the same message showing up in my 92STS last night (low refriger.../service ac soon). But I also noticed that my heat was not working about a weak before the message came up. What is R12 and could this be the reason why my heat doesn't work?
I also heard a noise coming from behind the glove box when I got home.
R12 is the liquid/gas that the cars cooling system was originally fitted with. Some time ago it was discovered that R12 was bad for the environment so they put restrictions on its availability and use.

R134A is a replacement with slightly different properties. Because it has different properties it means that it is not a direct replacement and that some modifications are required as was alluded to earlier.

You can still find R12 but it is getting more and more difficult. Apparently Mexico is a good place to find it.

Do some searching and you will find all the info you need.
Cadikid said:
I also heard a noise coming from behind the glove box when I got home.
The ACM (Programmer) is located there. Make sure all the electrical connections and vacuum lines are connected properly. The programmer is the brain of the HVAC system. While your back there make sure all the air mix door actuators are working and connected properly. Look for an acuator not working or disconnected linkage.
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