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a/c low pressure switch

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I have a 1996 SLS that the freon is very low and the a/c compressor has shut off. I have read where you can jump the low pressure switch and this will start the compessor. My question is where is the low pressure switch and what does it look like? Thanks ahead of time for your info.
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Entering diagnostics and erasing all A/C codes will restore compressor operation long enough to add freon. Even if you did jump the switch, the compressor will not re engage without all A/C codes erased.
Does disconnecting battery resets the codes? I have similar issue. Compressor is not clicking in. There is no AC code (except one PZM 2473 current) which is unrelated.

Yes, but it will usually set a "U" code. Why not clear the codes through the DIC?
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