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A/C inop 94 Fleetwood

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The A/C comp will not come on neither will the cooling fans. I pulled a vacumn & it took half a can quit. I tried to pull codes pressed the off / warmer nothing appeared. No power to the cooling fans or the 2 /40 amp fuses ? Where to next i don't have a wiring schematic. Not familiar with Caddy i work on 70 older.
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I did let it sit for awhile before adding the freon and it held a vacumn.I tried to pull the codes by holding down the off & warmer temp button Nothing ! I disconnected the battery let it sit for an hour to clear codes. The compressor came on took a little freon then pegged out the Low guage. I cut everything off parked the car,closed shop with my tail tucked.
No they weren't the same reading. I replaced the orifice tube earlier and it was full of debris (metallic). Iam going on and put a new comp,dryer,and all flush out as much as I can.
Replaced A/C comp, dryer , orifice tube pulled vacumn for hour. No leaks. Added 2 cans still no cooling fans coming on. Low side kept going to the high side of guage when cycling on & off. My high side guage not working worn out hose going to get a new. My concern why are the fans not coming bad fans or something else.
Any thoughts on the cooling fans I replace the right one only one my A/C Delco store had. Still doesn't come on.
1 - 5 of 11 Posts
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