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A/C Filling tube won't attach.

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1993 ETC-
I'm completely new to A/C. Never worked on it, never needed to. Anyways, my refrigerant level is low (compressor is now off) because of a small leak (apparently one can per summer according to the previous owner). Anyways, I have a short tube that attaches to the refrigerant can (I bought 2). But the fitting doesn't attach to the port on the car. I'm assuming it's supposed to clip onto the port on the accumulator? It's a schrader valve on the car, but the line I bought seems to have some sort of clip on fitting. What gives?? Can I buy an adaptor?

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Alright, I answered my own question. Since my car is a 93 is had r-12 in it. The tube I have originally came with an adaptor for the old fittings, but they are long gone. Unfortunately, it looks like I have to buy the whole f$*#ing kit, of which I already have every part (2 cans of frean and a tube) except for the little adaptor. 60 bucks for a 2 dollar part. Jesus.
R12 is no longer available to the public. Most likely what you bought is R134a. DO NOT put that into an R12 system.
DANWEC.....PM me.....I have an R-12 fill kit, with a can of R-12, that you can have for shipping cost. (It's one of the all-in-one kits supplied with a variety of marine refrigeration units, but the low side fill fittings are the same.) I also have a commercial set of R-12/R-22 gauges and hoses, if anyone's interested. Also have a 15 lb. flask of Dupont R-12, unopened. It's worth a small fortune......PM me. I believe you can convert to R-134 at some cost.....
Ok.. I have the story now. This was already converted over to R-134a, but the previous owner took the adaptor off and put it on his other car. SO I still just need the damn fitting adaptor.
Submariner- Thanks very much for the offer, I really appreciate it. I won't need it since because of what I just discovered- I think. I'll PM you in a little bit if I figure more out.
Thanks again.

It can't be that warm (yet) in Windsor. (Except for the black flies....) Scrounge the local wrecking yards for an early '90's vehicle with a conversion kit for 134a......if all else fails.
You should be able to go to a parts store and buy a conversion kit that has the fittings you need for not too much money.
They might even have just a pair of adapters.
Black flies?? Damn, none of those until you go north about 6 hours. We've had several days gettin to the 80's. It will be stuffy and hot very soon. Needed A/C once or twice.
Good idea about scrounging a junkyard, except we have the worst yards in the planet here. There are a handful in the area, but you might as well be buying new parts. They are very expensive, and forget finding just that elusive a small part (even if they have 20 of them there)- they all have a minimum $20 yard charge tha they will nail you with even if you are buying a pigtail or a bolt, and you don't EVER go into the yard- they don't let you near it. I hate them. Makes me very envious of the guys who have access to the yards in the rest of the country/world. lol I've even driven to London (2 hours away) a few times just to wander through the yards that are there (much better)

The search continues. Thanks guys.

Go to a local auto parts store like Oreilly Auto or Advance Auto Parts. The sell just the adatpers. They come in a blister pack made by Interdynamics. They should only be about $8-10. Both High and low side adapters are in the pack. You could also look around on ebay and might find them cheaper.
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