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A/c Discharge Hose

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I have a 2000 deville dts that recently overheated,got everything fix.Car is running awsome.The only thing that was damage was my a/c discharge hose,which needs to be replace.Were could the A./c discharge hose be found,would it be underneath the engine or by the radiator????
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go to, and search there the discharge hose is the hose that goes between your fans. It runs from the back of the compressor, up between the fans, over the right fan and to the side of the radiator where it is bolted in. It and the hose coming from the reciever dryer is bolted together. The nuts can be reached from the front easily if you take out the passenger headlight. AC Delco # 15-31036. Advance Auto has for about $146.29. GM Parts Direct has it for $90.76. If you find it cheaper post it because I have a 2000 STS needing the same hose.
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