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A/C Diagnostic Code Translation Needed.

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My 2002 Deville DTS AC system is not working correctly. It goes off and I get the service AC message. If I gun the motor enough to shift gears it will come back on and work for a while like it should. I have had it in to the dealer and It was a half pound low on refrigerant the first time. Second time it was down a half pound again, said there was a leak and fixed it. It didn't help.

I checked to see if it was throwing a code and got this code: PO532.
I looked that up and it says " A/C refrigerant Pressure Circuit Low Voltage".

Can anybody tell me what that means eaxactly ?
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it means the leak was not fixed. or only one of the leaks was fixed. i'd bring it back to who claimed they fixed the leak, and have them do it again.
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