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I have been readin on this forum that alot of people have problems with the stereo's in the catera. Iv heard of all kinds of fixes from loose wires, bad fuses , and A/C computer module. My cars stereo and trunk/fuel door switches have been acting up lately. Stereo pops off for 20 seconds and comes back on , on a different song and on a different volume level.The fuel door and trunk sometimes dont work with the indash button. I took it to the shop a few months back, I was told it was all because my HIGHLY reputible audio installer hooked my stuff up wrong. After 4 man hours to fix it at the dealership, It still does it. When it pops off it makes a sound under the dash on the drivers side. Before I jumped into fixing it myself this weekend If anyone had these same symptoms and what there fix was? and if someone could tell me where this A/C computer module is and where to get one? I would be very much appreciative
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