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A/C Compressor Leaks

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My first post. I recently bought a beautiful Black Cherry 96 Seville SLS with 105,000 miles and I love it. However, the A/C Compressor is leaking. A local auto A/C shop says they can replace the seals which requires dropping the engine to remove the compressor. Total job, winter price, $374 including all associated system cleaning, drying, charging, etc. They have a special fixture they purchased for lowering the Northstar engine. The shop owner seems to be honest and capable. Now, do these seal kits usually work well, and is this a reasonable price. Would some other approach be better? Thanks
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I don't think it's worth replacing the seals on the compressor, especially when you can get a new (or remanufactured) compressor with all new seals for a good price. The engine does NOT have to be dropped to change out the A/C compressor. I personally know of 4 people who've had them replaced, and none of them required doing anything to the engine. It's in a tight spot, I'll give them that, and it takes a little maneuvering to get it out, but dropping the cradle is ridiculous.

I bought a Four Seasons rebuilt compressor, and it's been working fine for about 40k miles so far. I have heard that the Four Seasons compressors are not rebuilt as well as Delco rebuilt compressors and that they have earned the nickname For Seizin' compressors. All I know for sure is the OEM one leaked at about 48k miles and the F.S. replacement has been fine for at least 40k on my car.
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