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A BIG Screen TV for $30?!

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Anybody want to try and figure out exactly what this is? For $30.00, it's got to at least be worth a try...
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Mad'lac said:
haha...really! :histeric: What is the deal?
ive seen them before.. its nothing more than a magnifying glass
Yeah exacltly its a couple lenses that project a regular tvs image onto a wall, total waste
Figures. I always get excited over things like this.. Maybe someone will be curious enough to buy one and see exactly what it's like. Who knows - maybe whatever the system is - has improved... What kind of screen does it project onto? It can't be just a plain old wall - that wouldn't be too cool...
yeah those are super crappy. They're just projectors. and they make the quality really shitty too.
Its all been said already. I'll reiterate:
1. It's shit.
2. It's really shit.
3. It looks like shit.
4. It's dark as shit.
5. It's shit.

Just to clarify. :halo:
Wouldn't you just know there'd be a catch!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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