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99 STS Shudder on turns and when selecting reverse

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Hi folks,

Apologies in advance for seeking help in my very first post.

I've owned a '99 STS with 48,000 miles on the clock for a short while now, and have slowly fallen in love with it. It's a UK-specification, right-hand drive model that I've been slowly putting straight -- everything from a holed air-con accumulator to missing bits of trim.

And it's been expensive: the parts for UK/RHD cards are (a) rare and (b) have to be imported from Holland. To give you some idea, a driver's side mirror glass is $600 and wheels are almost $1,000 each :(

Anyway, I have an annoying mechanical problem and am bracing my wallet. When making sharp turns or when selecting reverse, there's a pronounced shudder from the front of the car. I can feel it through my feet but it's not brake-or traction-related. It's something that comes and goes and lasts only a second or two, but it's unnerving nonetheless.

Any idea what this might be? So far I've guessed at anything from power-steering to the engine mounts. Any clues greatly appreciated!
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dads did the same thing
was a bad hub and bearing..
Make sure you are sitting:

I was discussing rear end problems with a service writer, and a mechanic was standing next to him.

I told them that I wanted to put an additive in my CTS rear to prevent any potential problems, because some CTSs are have rear end problems.

They both told me that unless my car would shudder while in reverse, that I did not need to worry. I think they told me that if I felt car shudder while turning right in reverse, then I should get car in to have rear end worked on. Fortunately, my car shows no symptoms (of anything). (I just purchased the car, and I am obsessive compulsive about cars. If anything is suspect, I get it repaired/replaced.

I recommend that you contact GM in the USA and tell them about the problems you have had. Maybe someone at GM will give you some discounts. Worth a shot. The worst they can do it tell you to go to "h e hockystics."
Seville STS is FWD
no rear end
Just testing you guys to see who can read better or worse than me.

(If you don't like my post, either I or admin will move it.) I am used to that.

Sorry about that.
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