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Hello all, first of all I'd like to compliment you folks on an awesome website. Now down to business. I see there is a sticky about dash problems but I'm not real sure if this applies to me because my car is a 99 and I think his was a 92. I will give you a list of everything this car is doing, here we go:

1. gas gauge will jump from actual level to empty and back
2. temp gauge will fluctuate (sends hot coolant level in message board)
3. service air bag
4. service suspension
5. service stability system
6. Trac control light comes on
7. dash lights will go from dark to light(flickering back and forth)
8. entire dash will shut down (all lights and gauges will just die)
9. radio will shut off(sometimes just amps but sometimes the entire radio will just shut off.
10. windows will not go up and down sprurradically. sometimes they will and sometimes they won't

Also one more thing is my Damper relay in my underseat fusebox was chattering. I replaced it and it still does it.
Also have had the:

11. Speed limited to 90, 92, 3, and 0 mph. Read in owners manual and it says them are due to malfunction in stability system. Can also hear the compressor in the back for the leveling system going off and on over and over.

I really do have a hard time believing all this stuff is seperately bad. And so you know all of this stuff happens all at the same time. I have a 50 mile drive to work and it has me completely stressed out by the time I get to work. I have also noticed it gets worse when it is raining.
My theory is it is a bad ground somewhere in the system. Would like to know if anyone knows where all the body grounds are.

oh yeah also get the high voltage message.

Sorry to unload all this on you guys but I traded off a perfectly good 98 Z28 that I had for 4 years and never had a problem to this STS which I already had to put a new transmission in and now this. I love this car and would hate to have to drive it off a cliff. I would appreciate any help you guys can give me.
I believe everything it is throwing up is just false readings because nothing is ever limited like the speed or anything but the car runs great.

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Take a deep breath!

Start by checking / cleaning the battery terminal connections. Pay attention to the battery cables looking and feeling for corrosion under the insulation. Also check for signs of battery electrolyte leakage and corrosion near the battery location. A leaking battery can do a lot of damage before the results are obvious.

While you have the seat cushion removed, check for corrosion at any wire harness that terminates at a chassis screw or bolt.

Follow that with an inspection of the aft end of the underhood fuse box where the battery - starter - alternator cables are connected together. You will be looking for loose or dirty connections. Be sure the battery is disconnected if you take this connection point apart.

Clear any DTC's (codes) and try again.

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I have similar problems with my 99 STS.

The gas gauge will jump from a quarter tank (or whatever the gas amount truly is) to empty.

Also, the windows stopped working and the factory moonroof will work sometimes and sometimes it won't.

Also, the CD player and radio would turn on but no sound came out, then it would just go blank/dark, now when I turn on the car it says "Theftlock - Active"

Any ideas, I check all the connections and all look good and tight no corrosion.
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