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99 sts, couple questions

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Had my 99 STS for 6-8 months now and love the car, recently had a idler pully fail so had to drive my old car. Sometimes you almost forget how nice a caddy is till you drive in a Accord or xxx car. Im 100% happy to be back in the caddy. Questions:

Cold air intake- good bad? My car came with one, I do sorta like the rumble sound but just not sure about it. Any up or downsides? I'm ok with it and will just lleave it if there is no real reason not to remove it. Car runs fine.

Power steering pump: Mine makes a little noise, like a bad bearing (just replaced the 2 idler pullies and found the sound is not gone), seems to be comming from PS pump. Cold makes it worse, pump isnt very spendy, and look slike an easy enough job. But as a lifelong GM owner, i have had maybe 50+ GM's and never had a PS pump fail or make this noise, just seems strange. I know pumps fail, but.

Coolent: My car had the heads done with a lifetime warranty. Car just had fresh coolant when i got it. car has about 18,000 since head where done. I have put about 5-6000 on it since i bouhgt it. My coolant was steady in fall months, but over winter its went down about 1/2 inch in fill tank. (like maybe a quart, even less) over winter. I keep hearing about the pellets (possibley not used on collant change), is it possible i have a leak someplace and the pellets would help? I dont really see any liquid anywhere (when had oil changed the service guy commented it was the cleanest underside on any older caddy he had ever seen). Should I get worried? I know all the horror stories on the heads, and looked over the paperwork on the head/stud replacement, looks like correct stuff (recommended here) was used.
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Maybe change the p/s pump if it sounds bad, but for the other stuff, if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

What color is the coolant that's in the car now ?

Just keep the surge tank half full, cold. A loss of 1/2" over a season is not cause for any great worry, but it would be nice to know where it went.........the GM tablets probably aren't necessary.

Any chance you can take a small file size digital pic of this "cold air intake" and post it ? Always interesting to see other mods........
Ah yes, more details, its Dexcool, color is the nice orangeish color (I drained some to look at it), thought is a bit hard to see as the overfill tank has a baffle in it and the tank is kinda ugly and stained from when the heads failed originaly. I keep looking for ghosts with this car as I bought it for almost nothing and keep expecting soemthing bad. The head thing is my biggest worry, so I watch the coolent level like a hawk. I think I'm going to drain it and refill this spring just to be sure (I was taking guy who i bought it froms word that it was freshly changed).

I will try get a picture of the Cold air intake, its pretty much the standard Ricer model, tube and a K&N filter (or look alike), has plug for some sensor that was orginaly on airbox in tube. Looks ok, seems to work fine, has a very noticlbel rumble under accleration. Only downside i can see, there is a wire loom that was held up by some attachment to old Airbox, right now its just zip tied up.

Power steering, just sorta a messy job, and pulling pully of old pump and putting on new pump without proper tools may be no fun. I also live in ND so atm it still to cold outside for any work. But a slightly squealling Caddy is embaressing...
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