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99 Seville wiring diagram- Will pay

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Hey guys,

Another issue with the 99 engine swap into my 96 Seville.
I need a alternator (generator) wiring diagram from a 99, 00, or 01 (preferably) Seville, Eldorado or Deville. These are found in the FSM, should be two pages. Old (96) alternator wiring had a two wire connector (red, grey), one from the PCM and the other from the dash. New one (99) has a 3 pin connector, (3 wires) (red, orange, grey) but have only the 2 stock wires (red, grey). If I connect it one way, I wont have the "battery no charge" message but alternator doesnt charge, connect it the other way, alternator charges but I receive the error message. If someone could scan and email me a copy of the diagrams, I will reimburse you, I dont want to buy the entire FSM and I can't find these diagrams anywhere on the internet. Thanks in advance.
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i got a diagram for a 96 eldo if that wold help?
Try: Generator/Cad-gen.BMP

or Generator/stsgen.jpg

The block in the upper right that got mushed in the scan is the Instrument Cluster.

My first attempt at posting something on the web. :hmm:
Or a .gif version if you'd prefer (unmushed :):)).

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