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99 Seville sls Heated Seats

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My passengers side heated seat doesnt warm. Has anyone ever troubleshot and repaired the heated seats? The fuse is good. The heated seat light goes on, the seats do not get warm at all. Where do I begin?
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Do you get any clicking sounds? My drivers seat went awhile ago. Was told to try the actual switch box which is located under each seat towards the front. Swapped and still didnt work. So only thing left to replace is the heater coils which are located inside the seat. The bottom part doesnt look too hard to take off the leather. But the top looks to be a pain. I hope to get around to it whenever i get some more information on it.

Yes I do here a clicking sound under the seat when i turn it on. How much for one of those control switches under the seat?
I really doubt its the control box. If you really feel that it, try swapping from the passenger seat. My bet is its the element. As for the control boxes.. Their rivited to the bottom of the seat. Took the bottom seat out and drilled out the rivit. And just used a short but big threaded screw to hold them back.

Using a shop manual or schematic from your dealer, measure the resistance of the heating elements in the seat at the connector underneath the seat. This will help isolate where the problem lies. The heating elements most commonly fails since they flex everytime you sit down. Over time they have a tendency to open.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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