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99 fleetwood for sale

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Running used daily reliable mechanically rare only 400 something made 99 Cadillac Fleetwood with all leather seats in excellent condition..needs to be detailed..driver and passenger seat heated,12 disc changer in trunk, trunk is huge all the space you need, huge back seats perfect for those big families or long legs, alot of cool pluses

TLC Needed cheap fixes
AC does not work dont know why exactly I've heard different things sensor maybe, but the heater works great..I almost died last summer all black car with all black leather seats and over 100 degree weather might wanna fix the ac..I cant afford it
Some fuses keep going out nothing major but its the seat heaters and the cigarette lighters.The switch for the turn signals is broken easy $10 cheap fix.. needs new tires none are matching. Was in a previous accident nothing major just the air bags went off so needs air bags and needs fender and side skirts found at a junk yard. also has a salvage title
I'm a young woman who tired of it not fitting my style..wasnt my choice of car and i have no ambition to fix it..It drives really good and really smooth..its driven daily when i can hide my face lol, gotten the updated oil changes, i have never had major mechanic issues..
Youll have to pick it up can be driven and trusted to make the ride 175000 alot of highway..really good on gas considering size.
I have a feeling this car will be worth alot in 50 or so years when gas might be out the picture and maybe even Cadillac and by then i hope well be flying.. will be a rare classic

2000 obo pics token today..sorry its messy will get detailed if found buyer
i put pics of the outside of the car can take pics of inside if wanted and a pic of me not my face but so you understand how this cars not for me and i dont just wanna give it to someone whos gonna trash a rare beauty

willing to trade too


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