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99 DeVille Towing Capability

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Well guys the headgasket job is finished and right now I'm just doing small nit-pick things around the car like touching up the paint and such.

I am begining a new project now, I'm building a teardrop camper, which I know is about the lightest camper I can go with, but my question is what weight do I need to stay under to not have problems towing it long distances with my 1999 Cadillac DeVille?

Any help and comments are welcomed :yup:

Thanks in advanced for your help on this problem and thanks for your help on so many other problems I have had in the past :)
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I would say nothing over 1000 lbs. but I would not tow anything with this car. You have to run wires for lights which causes nothing but electrical headaches. Also it is FWD so it will not handle much worse than if you were towing the same trailer with a RWD car. It also puts A LOT of extra strain on the transmission which was designed only to pull the weight of the car and these transmissions don't even fare well under just that amount of weight.
My dad's '93 has a tow bar on it, we've used it to haul a couple of heavy TV's and it does it with no problems at all. Of course the load was no more then 600lbs max. The tow bar for a '93 is a Class 2 hitch , which means its rated for from 2001 to 3500lbs; max tongue weight is 350lbs. But it all really depends on how much load you want to put on your car.
Read the owners manual.
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