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99 Deville Theft prob... *NEW ISSUE*

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I've just read for the last 2 hours all the different searches for this problem... My car is doing the typical "starting disabled" "wait 3 min.s" thing. Then 2 weeks ago someone decided on breaking into my car and pulling out my stereo. So i take care of all that, and get it back from the Body shop today (they fixed the glass and the trim) and they tell me how they were getting the message so much that they wouldn't even try to start it, they would just push it in and out of the shop. Next i take it to my work (i hooked the factory stereo back up) and finish my work day. then come out to leave work and it's saying "starting disabled" at this point im use to it and i wait, then try to start it and nothing happens. after about 5 times nothing turns on... no display on the dash nothing...

So my problem is now, i can not pull the codes off the dash because there is nothing there. the lights and keyless entry work, also the door chime notice of the key... can someone aim me in the right direction to find out the problem.
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You have a few alternatives, most likely the culprit is a malfunctioning ignition switch, there are 2 wires inside that tend to break loose and thus not sending a signal to the PCM to start the car. Your key has a built in pellet which is already set with a predetermined resistor, for proper start up those two wires have to come in contact with the pellet at the same time.

1. you either order a new igniton cylinder and have the dealer make you new sets of keys, most expensive... or

2. bypass the theft deterrent system and splice in a same value resistor between the 12 and 13 position wire (the last two on that row) on the wire harness running from the steering wheel column. You will loose the cheap factory alarm but at least you will start the car every time. BTW, this subject has been covered here before, next time use the search button, there is a detailed explanation on doing this.
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