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I just started a couple of weeks ago experiencing what feels like a miss once the engine is warm and I come to a stop.
I was at at a stop light last night and it missed twice while at the light. After take off and driving I don't feel it and I don't notice any loss of performance. The MIL isn't on but there are a few codes in history:
P0440 - EVAP System Large Leak (Forgot to tighten on my gas cap not long ago)
P1520 - Transmission Range Switch
P1527 - Transmission Range to Pressure Switch Correlation

I asked a mechanic and he said maybe changing the plugs and go from there. The car has 76k miles. Anybody have thoughts?

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............. and, at 16+ years old the plug wires are suspect. So is the cleanliness condition of the coils, bases, and ICM mounting and ground system.

RockAuto - the expensive AC Delco plug wire set. Tech Tips - ignition system cleaning and wire changes.
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