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99 deville cass. radio upgrade help !!

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i have a 99 deville with the stock am/fm cassette ,i bought a stock 99 am/fm cass. CD player --it installs in the dash real easy -- just had to rotate the electrical plug 180 degrees-- had my local caddy dealer unlock the theft code ( he programed it with my vin # ) radio comes on but has no volume because it is searching for an external amp. ( stock cass. player has a built in amp ) is there any chance that the wire harness in the trunk will have the plug for an amp. hook up ? i thought about going to a salvage yard -- finding a 99 deville with the am/fm cass, CD and locate the amp in the trunk look at the connection and then look in my trunk to see if i have the same connection but not being used . what do you think ,any such luck ?
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I have a 98 Deville D'Elegance with the factory CD/Cassette player and I am unable to locate any amps. Not sure where Cadillac hid them but don't think it's in the trunk. You need to find someone with the factory service manual (not a haynes or chilton) and that will help steer you in the right direction.
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