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99 DeVille BCM Location

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I took the carpet off on the back of the backseat in the trunk and behind a black plastic panel I found what I believe is the BCM on the left (driver's side) Is this the BCM? :hmm:
Can someone tell me what the other "box" is in the middle of this black plastic panel? :hmm:
Also, there is a connector hanging from the rear deck in the trunk and appears not to have a home. Does anyone know what this is? :hmm:
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I looked around when I had the carpet off and I didn't see anything that that plug would go into. There are two plugs, and one is pluged into what it looks like is the third brake light and the other is just hanging around.
The box in the middle might be an amp, because it is quite large and I think it has those "fin" on the side.
Thank you for your input. :thumbsup:
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