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!980 Fleetwood Master Cylinder Upgrade Question

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Soooo my '80 2 door Fleetwood needs a new master cylinder. You'd think GM could make stuff that lasts more than 33 years:crying2:

The existing looks like the typical cast iron type.

I remember the 77-79 Cadillacs used to have poor pedal feel with the caliper pistons retracting and taking some pedal displacement before the front brakes would do anything.

I also remember being able to swap the entire brake booster and master cylinder from an 81 through 85 RWD Cadillac to give excellent pedal feel. The newer aluminum/plastic master cylinders were designed to initially displace more fluid to the front brakes.

I would like to swap one of the newer master cylinders into my 1980. My booster is still OK. What I need to know is will it work with the existing booster and lines between the proportioning valve and master cylinder.

Performed this swap 3 times and I cannot remember what I used to do. Been out of auto repair for pay for 20 years.

Does anyone know? T.I.A.
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Thanks. No rear disc brakes for this guy. That miserable parking brake system ruins the whole deal.
I caved and simply replaced the thing with the right part. Pedal feel is very good. Maybe they had fixed it by 1980. Haven't looked at the rear brakes in about 10 years and waiting to swap to one of my posi units when I can dig it out. Got a Mercedes W-140 in the way right now.
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