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'98 STS - Remove Radio

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I need to remove the radio/climate control unit from the center console of my car. What I read was to remove the top face cover then remove the screw and entire unit will come out. Well, my unit is getting hung up below the HVAC control part. I can't seem to find any screws. What am I missing?

On a side note, part of the repair that I am doing stated "don't not disconnect the radio if you don't have the security code". Well, I read my manual and all it says is that the radio in attached to the VIN number of the car and will not operate in any other car. No mention of a security code.
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Harry, thanks but how do I get access these lower two 7mm screws? Talk of the gray plastic popping off but I don't see how. Does the wood trim on the center console pop off?
Basscat, thanks. I can't remember why but I did take off that shift handle several years ago. Maybe to get to the Transmission Indicator Switch which was a subject of another Post recently. As I remember, don't you first push the handle down which deactivates the clip for it to slip off? Or was that another type of car I was working on?

The reason I need to deal with this was to gain access to the area so I can replace a faulty air vent mode actuator along with another actuator. Well it was in the high 90's today in Arizona and the AC worked fine with the air stuck coming out the main vents across the dashboard which is okay with me. This might have to wait for the cooler temperatures of Nov. but I am going to mess around with getting to these two screws.
Thanks guys. I was able to get the shift handle off without too much issue. The wood plastic piece popped right up and I could get access to the screws without disconnecting any cables. Okay, that solved for the time being.
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