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98 STS donor radio problem

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hey-guys ive got another dilemma ..i purchased the vehicle with the understanding that the radio wasn't I pulled out the radio to verify proper connection everything looked normal it powers on but no sound..I found a guy selling 1 on craigslist for $40 I installed it and now the radio is giving me a anti-theft locked code...not sure why or what to do at this point..please help :confused:
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Re: 98 sts donor radio problem

1) Was your old (original) HU powering on (as in you seen the display/clock and such)?
2) Do you have the chimes with the old HU?
3) Do you have the chimes with the new HU?

YES - Check your AMP fuse
NO - Check your Radio fuse

YES - Defective HU or wiring issue between HU and AMP
NO - Check your AMP fuse

YES - Go to the dealer and have the VIN cleaned from the replacement HU. The dealer will ask you for a legal evidence of purchase for the replacement HU (like a Bill of Sale).
NO - Check your AMP fuse.

Normally is HIGHLY unlikely for the HU to be bad (I mean extremely highly unlikely).
Have you pulled your codes?

Forget about aftermarket, you don't know in what you are getting into. Don't turn a simple inexpensive problem in something much expensive and complicated.
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