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98 STS Blend Doors?

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I have had the STS about 9 months now and having gone through summer/winter season, I think I may have blend door issues.

In the winter, the heat is working, but the car is still cold.
In the summer, the air is working, but the car is still hot.

I believe from the blend doors not closing completely and letting outside air into the cabin. Gets a little better on Recirculate, but still not blocking the outside air.

Where are the blend doors on a 98 STS? No codes.

Robert D
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i got a quick question, im looking at a 98 sts 150,000km's. they want 1500 i offered 1000, anyways. My question, car has no heat, i drove it too my shop today and also noticed that with heater on full speed and temp and everything imbetween that the defrost will switch too the vents back and forth at the same time fan speed seems too change slightly. Any thoughts? i dont want too be chasing ghosts if i buy this thing

im thinking mode control door? possibly low vacuum?
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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