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I have owned my car for 4 years, it has 133000 miles on it, I bought it used (32000 miles on it). I believe my problem is electrical but not for sure. A couple of years ago, my car started dieing for no reason...usually it was after I had slow down to make a turn. It finally died completely and we found that the positive battery post had broken out of the battery, by corrision. Bought a Cad battery of course and the problem seemed to have been corrected. Then about 6 months later I stater having the same problem again. But it would only happen once every couple of months. The car would die in a turn, usually a right hand turn. Then it stopped again. Well it has died on me three times in two days, and this time it died in a left hand turn. And there are times when I slow down for a curve in the road, to about 30 - 35 mph, I can feel in the steering wheel a "tug" it is a slight tug but you can tell that the car is losing power. Also I have noticed that the rpm's will fall about 500 rpm, then they will pick back up and the tugging will stop. This only happens when I am braking or coasting in a turning situation.
Ever since I have had this car it has always been hard to turn into a parking place unless I was giving the car fuel, braking and turning into a parking is like driving a tank.
Other than this problem the car runs great. When it dies the car cranks back the first time I turn the key, the engine runs great. I get great fuel mileage, 28 on the highway.
The service light engine has been on and stays on all the time. I have had the codes read, sometimes they have cleared themselves, and the last time I had it read it was something to do with the torque converter solenoid. The transmission shifts smoothly, and there is no jerking or noise. It pulls fine on inclines at a slow speed or fast. I was told I could check the torque converter by putting the car in 3rd gear and getting up to 60-65 mph and then shift it to drive, and if it shifts the torque converter is working. I did and it did so I have assumed that the reading is false. Which I have been told that there was a problem with the solenoids giving a false failure.
I am thinking of selling my car but I do not want to sell it with this problem.
Any information on this would be of great help. Thanks,
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