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98 ETC loss of power

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My eldo don't push as fast as it should, feels like its running at 6 cyl or something, my friend's 93 eldo rips mine apart, what could be the problem?
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Try replacing plugs and plug wires. Also, be sure bolts holding intake manifold are tight.
Good luck,
Any codes or other problems you might have? Any mods he might have?
Loss of power and higher fuel consumption and sometimes combined with higher oil consumption may well be traced back to carbon build up.

WOT's only disloge a small amount of carbon and has little effect on an engine with heavy carbon deposit residule. Heavy is to imply when the second and or third rings have become immobile and the EGR sets a code not long after a cleaning.

Not all performance problems are a direct result of heavy carbon deposits, but they are common, and more pronounced in higher mileage engines.
Ranger said:
FPR? Common proble, simple check.
Yep, check the FPR first. Also check for codes and let us know which codes you have. Go to this link for instructions:
I must agree that the FPR is a simple check, but a leaking FPR will normally manifest itself as a warm engine hard start problem first, long before a performance problem is noted.

Yes, a leaking FPR will indeed cause a rich condition affecting performance and higher than normal fuel consumption, but I stand by my original post regarding carbon deposits.

Codes will very much help with the diagnostic process.
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