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98 deville engine question

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Hello, I have just gotten my dream car for the grand sum of one hundred dollars.I am an ase master tech with L1. I have swapped countless motors.
I am trying to evaluate if it is worth investing into the northstar as it has 180k on it.
The reason for my post is this,I don't see any obvious reason why i cannot lift the eng and trans out the top. has anyone tried this? also I am thinking i should rebuild the trans and do piston rings and bearings due to mileage.
Any advice would be great. glad i found this site. Dan
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Everyone who has done it says the bottom is the way to go.

Forget the rings and bearings. The lower end is damn near bullet proof. When you open her up you'll still see the factory hone marks on the cylinder walls. The weak link is the head gaskets. If you need to do those, be sure to Timesert or stud it.
Through the top is the only way I do it. Lowering the cradle is the preferred method. Ranger is right about the bottom end. Bulletproof.
So you are saying that you take them out the top? i have a great track record of getting engines out the top when "they" say you can't. I guess i was just wondering if i was missing something major.
Do you take the trans.out together with it? also, any advice on if i should replace trans clutches now or leave well enough alone?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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