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98 deville, A/C blower motor issue

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i just bought a '98 deville with 106K miles, it had a bad alternator and A/C blower motor( or so i was told). i changed the laternator, everything is fine there. the a/c doesnt work, as expected, and i want to troubel shoot it, so i was looking for advice.

basically, when i turn on the a/c, i hear a relay-type clicking noise, and a slight whining noise behind the dash, as if the motor is trying to spool up, but it just doesnt, and no air blows out of the vents. i was wondering if someone could help me troubelshoot this and give me steps to determine if it is indeed a bad A/C blower motor, or if it is a bad relay/fuse, or soemthing else that may be preventing the A/C from working. as far as i can tell, the clutch on the compressor seems to work, but if the freon pressure was low, i would think that the cadillac diagnostic system would throw a code.. even so, the a/c should still blow hot air at least for a few seconds when i turn it on, no?

so where do i start?

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I'm thinking the clicking you are hearing is not a relay, but the A/C clutch. If you have no air movement (I suspect the same is true in heat mode?), then most likely the blower has dies. It is not uncommon.
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