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I think I may have found my issue with no interior lights and no cig lighters. I say may because I haven't fixed what I found yet.

My Inadvertant Power Relay Connector has one lead broken. I am a bit far sighted so seeing exactly how those pins (that's what we'd call them in the IT field) come out. The pins I speak of are the ends that are soldered onto the wires and pushed into the connector.

It got a little dark, so even though I have a head gear type magnifier, I can't see exactly how to extract the wire end from the connector.
I pulled the gray fork shaped holding deal that holds the wire ends in the connector once they are in place but still can't see what I need to do to get the wire end out of the connector.

Anyone know? If not, I'll figure it out tomorrow and report back. Maybe there needs to be some special extraction tool? I hope not.

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