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98,99 Fleetwood Limited, more info?

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I've been searching the forums and the internet but I havn't been able to come up with many pictures or more info. Is there any sites dedicated to the car? Also are there any for sale right now on the net, i couldn't find any.
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They were conversions, none factory produced. Sandy, do you have details on them?

In reality nothing more than a Deville stretched with some of the 93-96 Fleetwood amenities like rear seat mirrors.
Theres information about them here. If you do a search you should be able to find it. I think that anything Sandy knows about them he already posted before.
The interesting thingabout them was that first you ordered Cadillac factory options, then the conversion and then the options from the conversion company. All in all I'd take a conservative guess at a total possible number of options at least 30. They were very interesting cars, that only lasted 2 model years. Just over 700 made.
I used to own a 1998 fully loaded Fleetwood Limited, Black on Black, CD, Moonroof, Concours style chrome wheels, Rear tray, etc. I regret selling it.

Here is a "base" Fleetwood Limited on eBay:
Thanks for the link. Black on Black is the color combo I want. Does the car feel a lot longer to drive it?
It did not feel longer, rather it felt much heavier over the standard Deville or Concours. You can tell the suspension and steering is heavy duty.
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