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I've noticed that the stock mufflers on the last FWD Seville (98+) looks shorter than that of the Eldos (but I don't have a guinea pig to measure).

I am guessing they are 14" mufflers. I have been looking all over the web for this info.

I have 20" mufflers on my Eldo. It has a little tiny growl going on... almost like a purr. I am undecided on getting 14" Dynomax Super Turbos or 20" Super Turbos, for a deeper, louder, mellow growl.

I'm afraid the 14" would be too loud for everyday.... I would appreciate it if someone could confirm the length of the muffler case in the SLS/STS is indeed 14".

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I don't know what they are on a 98-03 STS, but it really hasn't got much to do with aftermarket mufflers anyway. I'd reccomend (since you don't want highway drone) using the 20" versions, then if you want it louder you can pull the resonator and/or change to 14."
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