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97sts check engine light

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97sts service engine soon

I just purchased a 97sts with 117,000 miles. the car is in excellent condition in and out with only 2 problems. The check oil level constantly comes on and when I check it the level is full. The check engine light only comes on if I'm driving faster than 50mph and I accelerate to pass and the transmission drops a gear to get higher revs. The light will then stay on for several hours if I'm constantly driving but eventually goes back out. I read the manually and the light has never flashed. Is this a serious problem the only reason i haven't went to the dealer yet is because the light went back out.
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The check oil level light is likely a bad sensor in the side of the oil pan. For the check engine light, pull the codes through the onboard diagnostics and see what DTC's (diagnostic trouble codes) are stored. That will tell you where the problem lies. Do a search on how to pull the codes.
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