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97 STS - Rear Coils R&R

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Any advice on replacing the rear coils would be greatly appreciated.
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Holy crap! Just finished replacing the rear stock coils for lowering coils. Man, lotta grunt work. In the battle, I used one can of WD40 and lost a coil compressor(rental, I own it now).

Using a standard issue spring compressor was tough. The coils are small compared to what I have experienced in the past. Not much room to manuever within the coil. Also, the compressor bolt was way too long. I ended up cutting off a portion with the good ole angle grinder.
Man, it was tough...
I assume you are lowering the front too? Did you happen to take before and after photos?

Yes, I installed the FE1 struts. No need for before pics. The difference is huge. I will post pics next week. It is still a WIP.

Have the power resistors to install today. I wired them up to the old harness. Used connectors and silicone to waterproof.

Will keep you posted on status.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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