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97 STS - Installed FE1 Struts

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Man, what a difference a set of new struts make! Install was fairly straight-forward. Did encounter a problem with the upper RF stabilizer link . It didn't want to come out! Ended up destroying the link end...I replaced the entire link today. It cost me around $ be careful if when removing those links on your strut install!

Ordered the power resistors from DigiKey as I was unable to find them locally. Total cost was around $15. Should be here any day now.
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Received my power resistors today. They are bronzit in color like the one pictured at Maydog's strut install page. I will connect them to the harnesses later tonight. They will go in tomorrow.
Please write down the specs on them for us before you put them in, and post if they work or not. As I understand, resistors do not work with the N* engines' RSS module. This is because the module measures the inductance of the flow of electricity, rather than the resistance it encounters. But, if it works I would like to know for future referance.
DigiKey - Technical/Catalog InformationTMC50-12-NDStandard Package1CategoryResistorsFamilyWirewoundVendorHuntington Electric Inc.Resistance In Ohms12.0Power50WTolerance±1%Lead StyleAxialFeaturesAluminumPackagingBulkLead Free StatusLead FreeRoHS StatusRoHS CompliantOther NamesTMC50-12

Just got back from Radio Shack with connectors. Going to wire them up to the harnesses. Install in the morn.

BTW, I was shown a factory passive kit in the parts dept. at a local Caddy dealership. It looked like a relay module and had five or six wires coming out of the attached harness. The gentleman in parts stated it was $48. Anyone know anything about this??? I lost interest after he mentioned the price as my resistors were only $5 ea. In any case, the kit came in a GM bag w/part number.

Here is the link to Maydog's 97 passive struts install page...
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Well if Maydog says it will work, it will probably work. I learned a lot from him. I didn't know when they did the switch to the CVRSS system though.
Last night, I used connectors to attach the harnesses to the power resitors. Siliconed the end areas. Let dry til morn.

This morning, wrapped the wiring in tubing and electrical tape. Installed. Secured with ties. Too easy. Gravy. Pronto.

No codes. No problems. Driving to Columbus and back this Sunday. Will recheck codes upon return.
Drove to Columbus and back. No codes. No problems. MAYDOG RULES!
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